Parents and Mentors

Being a teenager is tough. It has always been tough, and our fast-paced, image-driven, media-saturated culture has only served to make these years even more difficult. We believe that teens, and their parents, need a network of supportive relationships in their lives if they are to successfully navigate the rough waters of adolescence.
Our mission is to enable youth to experience God’s love for them, learn who they are in Christ, and how to live for Him by encouraging relationships with mentors, parents and peers. These people form a constelation of supporting relationships for teens that work together to help students see the connection between who God is, who they are, and how these truths impact their lives every moment of every, single day.
Most teens, and adults for that matter, view church and Youth Group as a place where we are taught how to be good Christians. We believe that our community is a place to experience a transformation. It’s not about what we know in our head, or what we feel in our heart, or what we do with our time, it’s about being transformed at the deepest level of our lives so that our thoughts, feelings and actions flow from an identity based on the Gospel.