Vision Mission Values

CCBC Youth Ministries will enable youth (grades 6-12) to experience God’s love for them, learn who they are in Christ, and how to live for Him by encouraging relationships with mentors, parents and peers for Bible teaching, inspiring worship, creative activities, service opportunities and Gospel conversations in a grace-based and accepting environment.
We desire to create a community where students encounter God and His Word, and together build Christian character, values, beliefs and behaviors through innovative methods that excite and inspire youth in their relationship with Christ.
Vision (the result we hope to see): We will strive to develop men and women who know God’s love, experience His grace, understand the Gospel message, their identity in Christ, and what it means to live for Him as part of His Kingdom.
Mission (what we do): We will engage in teaching, worship, activities and service, all done in the context of community. We will provide opportunities for teens to build relationships with mentors, parents and peers.
Values (how we do it): We will establish and protect an atmosphere of grace and acceptance. We will use creative and innovative methods that inspire and encourage students in their relationship with Christ and His people. We will seek to create a climate of love and understanding where students feel safe and can thrive in their spiritual journey.